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Why the #Senekal Narrative is Wrong.

Date: 11.30.2023

Written By

Tonya Khoury

An Acumen Media Report – 7 days

I am fearful to write about this story, #Senekal, the last time I wrote about #FarmMurders I got death threats but here I am…  #BrendanHorner a young farmer (21) was allegedly murdered by the two people he caught thieving on his farm. The suspects were arrested swiftly however, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back for the farmers in the region.  They turned vigilante and destroyed resources that are there to protect them.  That is the unemotive narrative.

I lament these farm murders, not because of the statistics, because every farmer lost is a step closer to our demise. If the loss of this life of a young boy (well in my mind anyway, I’m old see and 21 was a lifetime away), is despicable, the loss of a young farmer is devastating.  If #Horner’s life was worth what we recognise, the following would have happened in a working SA.  #BhekiCele would have been on the scene within minutes, not because SAPS didn’t do their job effectively, but because this is a very big story for many South Africans, and it matters.  #Cele should have turned up and said there would be zero tolerance for an attack on the most vital resource this country has. (Just like he does at other high-profile crimes).  The farmers in the area should have worked with #Cele to find a solution that protects the land that is so vulnerable to attack.  Instead what happened was the farmers in the community took to black horses with white crosses and stormed the #Senekal magistrate.  That quick reaction turned this critical issue, into a race war. Twitter was littered with comments about the new #AWB and a young man’s life was a secondary narrative to race.  Why do we assume all farmers are white?  Why do we assume that this is “colour based” when clearly, it’s about the vulnerability of the logistics of farming and is completely colour blind?  Fix your narrative South Africa, not everything is about colour.   A young man died, shame on you, he deserved better given his sacrifice. Oh and #Malema, sit down, this is the wrong race row for you friend, or are you defending the murderers?  SMH, the logic of this man (who literally was a political genius), dupes me far too often these days.

The news broke and unbroke about public enemy number 1 #AceMagashule.  So called “fake news” reports broke of an arrest warrant issued for #Mr10Percent only to be retracted and ridiculed by other news platforms.   I say: where there’s smoke there’s fire and I’m certainly holding my breath.  #Magashule came out with his rent-a-crowd, one of my friends wondered where these “crowds” spent the rest of their days as they always seem to be ready to march with pre-printed placards.  The secret is guys, just like those promo’s you see being handed out on street corners, there are companies that actually rent-a-crowd.  If you don’t have food in your belly, you’ll march for anything.

Not far behind the #AceBrigade was the #ZumaFoundation slamming the use of summonses to court for #uBaba, #Zondo is so brave. Eyes are shifting to #ShamilaBathoi now as the witnesses turn into confirmed criminals. It is time for the #NPA to show its mettle.  #BeLikeZondo.  As for #Mkhwebane, is she still here? Come on guys, aren’t we done with this puppet yet?  We deserve a proper #PublicProtector.

Another #Ace in the pack was State Witness #PhillipTruter who just threw his hands up in the air and vomited everything about the #VBSScandal, #Truter was the CFO see, he was staring a lengthy jail term in the face until he turned state witness, now he has 7 years, that’s just over 3yrs if he behaves.  He may be a crook, but he is brave, running the gauntlet with the #EFF is not an enviable position, but then he did admit to corruption, fraud, money laundering and more and certainly deserves the battle he’s about to face.  I wonder if any of the money will find its way back to those elderly people that queued outside VBS, a picture that today is emblazoned on my mind so clearly as it was harrowing.

#kwaSizabantu sent shivers down our spines this week. What kind of witchery is this? Firstly, the Mission is a business, a big one, so big that it owns a major percentage of #aQuelle water.  What appears to have been presented to the people of KZN as a safe space for food and lodging, this “mission” masqueraded as a place of God.  I really wish gangsters and rapists would leave God out of it, but here we are…. Huge allegations of child abuse, sex trafficking, rape, virginity testing (on 5-year olds) and that is just the beginning of what is real life rather than a bad movie.  #News24 have done a brilliant job at luring subscribers through their full expose of this horrific story that should rock our country, it’s the first time I have considered a subscription for an online news service, I say considered, still not subscribed. I might though, it was that good an expose.

#Eskom came under fire at the #ZondoCommission, it’s very obvious someone is not telling the truth as the testimonies conflict from witness to witness.  It is certain though, that the level of grilling from the DCJ and the Advocates will unearth any untruth.  The team are relentless, and they plough on, slowly but deliberately.

Cosatu and #SAFTU took to the streets in a massive show of support for women.  Finally, the country saw the workforce defend our women, will it make a difference?  Probably not, but it made me feel good to see men and women rise together to condemn the carnage we are witnessing each day.

The news headlines flashed all week, it was like Oprah became a magistrate, you get arrested, you get arrested, everybody gets arrested, look under your seat, and get your free orange overall!  I loved it, I did not know half the names on the list, I suppose that is the point.  There is an old adage that says “there is honour amongst thieves”, not in SA mate, not in SA.  Small cards maybe falling but one card after another makes for a broken deck.  900 arrests made in one sting operation in Tshwane that number is high, another 20 arrested for #IllegalSchools?  Is there no end to our corrupt ingenuity?

Then I read it, I spoke about it about two years ago, I dubbed it a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission for Fraud and Corruption” and this week Dr Madonsela called for a #CorruptionAmnesty.  I like that idea although many will not agree with me. Hear me out, there’s so much of it this thing we call corruption. It’s embedded in our workplaces and our governments.  It is not just a SA legacy (although ours is most foul), it’s a political legacy, politics is dirty and that was long before SA even had a government.  We have spent millions on enquiries where one witness after another shifts blame and that blame always points to a select few.  Let those few come forward admit their wrongs, work out payment plans for their debt and get removed from the political landscape. Then we can move on and get some work done?  Is it such a bad idea?  I think the question is more, is this current system working?  I know my answer.

#BafanaBafana played #Namibia and limped through the game, nothing to see here folks.  Facebook banned #QAnon – aw, I was enjoying that.  Then two musical legends died, Johnny Nash and Eddie van Halen.  Oh and #Trump found a miracle cure for #Covid.  Last week I got hammered because I called #Trump a “chop”, our political bar is so low we will defend a misogynistic narcissist vehemently.

The good news is it is the end of the week and the weather is promising for the weekend.  Turn off the news, you have my permission.


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