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Tupperware & Acumen: The Great Reveal!

Date: 07.17.2024

Written By

Tonya Khoury

All Women have a solid relationship with their Tupperware. Women know this, but #Booth didn’t.  And so, the biggest story of the week unraveled #MatthewBooth’s affair through a baked cheesecake and a Tupperware.  And with that, #SoniaBooth became our biggest story of the week.

I’m on holiday, so I’m only writing this because I adore Sonia.  I’m not going to unpack this story, nor the other #Ben10 story for now; I’ll save it for next week because I’m sure we’ll still be talking about it.  How do I know that, well it’s my job.  Any idea what we really do here at Acumen?

Quick and shameless punt:  We are, by far, the best active media listening company on the continent.  We measure and monitor brands across all media platforms, but more than that,  we focus on assisting those brands to identify a potential crises before it starts and, on the flipside, hone in on the treasure chests where they can seize the opportunities to capitalize on the positive media.  We put a team of analysts (experienced and senior) to read every single word that is written about you.  We put this into some snazzy technology that updates every fifteen minutes and whoop there it is.  A #TupperwareParty.  See #Sonia and Acumen have the same headspace.  Make sure your Tupperware is safe at all times.

Ok, now that you know, you know.  Even though there was a great deal of news this week, I’m not leaving my happy space, so  let’s learn a new word instead.  My editor loves words (even more than I do); we play around with them and create song lyrics about them, we even share them with our friends. Let’s call it our #Tupperware.

Are you ready for our word of the week?  Noun:  synecdoche, pronounced sɪˈnɛkdəki/

For example: the word hand in “offer your hand in marriage”, mouths in “hungry mouths to feed” and wheels referring to a car. Those are all examples of synecdoche.  I use them often, Cupcake is one or Tupperware is fine example this week.  Apparently, synecdoche turns into Tapinosis (if your dictionary lets you down on this one, turn to Wikipedia) when associated with something repugnant, or to detract from someone’s dignity.  Again, Cupcake and #TupperwareBooth are good examples.  Another of my favourites, and a good example is my reference to Madam, ya #Busisiwe. That stuff was crazy this week.  Again, that story we will keep.

I have one more item for you to ponder, every single #ScratchTheSurface contains a treasure.  There is a song or a lyric hidden or blatantly staring you in the face.  You’ll already know this if you are a Generation Xer, or possibly, a Baby Boomer. If you didn’t know, now you know and if you don’t know me by now… .

Are you missing #ScratchThe Surface?  Yeah, #EvenME!

Tupperware and Acumen

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