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The Prioritisation of Murders

Date: 05.26.2024

Written By

Tonya Khoury

I’ve had a very emotional week and certainly I’m not alone. Some called me “radical” for my views on Facebook and I fought with more than one “Facebook friend” about the prioritisation of murders.

Apparently, according to the #DA, murders that happen to farmers are to be prioritised and treated as #HateCrime.  I’m so confused, aren’t all murders #HateCrime?   The DA took out a campaign and made a big noise about #FarmMurders but I didn’t see any narrative from the DA for #Femicide, obviously that wasn’t grueling enough for them?  Wasn’t #RIPKarabo a heinous hate crime? My timeline is filled with so called #FarmMurders, I have heard of two attacks this year, perhaps I’m not reading enough news.  Every single other post was from years and years back, some as far back at 2012 were reposted to amplify the cause.  When I called out friends about their 8 year old reports, they said “at least it might make people wake up”, so I thought I better do my homework here, did I miss a bunch of murders?  Checking on #Afriforum’s stats they state that there were 57 farm murders in 2019, I’m not sure how many where white people because that’s the real issue of this narrative isn’t it? #Just SayIt

The sad thing is, you don’t need to go back further than yesterday to read about the funeral of a three year old girl #AnsiaKheha she was murdered in #OrangeFarm, but she’s not a priority see, cause she’s not on a “real” farm. I know I’m going to get hammered for this next hashtag but #AllMurdersMatter.  Is Ansia’s death, a three year old, not brutal enough for you DA?  What if I told you in the same place two women were brutally murdered in the same week?  Is that not enough to make a fuss?  What if I told you that this week alone I read about 14 women that were killed all out of hate.  IF you are going to prioritise murders, I think we should put them all in a pile and say where are the most murders and start there? The answer is #Femicide. The statistics today compare femicide to farm murders, you’ll notice a big spike in the #Femicide timeline, that was because a woman was accused of killing a man.  See?  #AllMurdersMatter.  If the DA are going to call for special protection on 57 people in a year (at worst) then us women would like protection too please or doesn’t that fit with #Zille’s narrative?  Of course it doesn’t, she answered that question this week when she said that there were more racist laws today than during apartheid and that touching “black hair” was no big deal.  When will the DA get a new leader? For Christmas, can we have an effective opposition, preferably not one that steals from the elderly via #VBSBank?

On that note #JuliusMalema invited journalists to interrogate him on #VBS, even Pauli van Wyk was invited but then they remembered that she was banned.  You can’t make this stuff up, #Juju said that he would resign if he is found to be implicated in the scandal.  What about #Shivambu?  And in little reported news #Juju’s farm was auctioned to pay #SARS along with other properties.

The attack on #Mtubatuba farm made headlines as the farm and all its contents were burnt to the ground, the back story is not clear but it appears a man stole a fish and then his body was found in the river.  Foul play is expected. What on earth is happening?

#Eskom still can’t keep the lights on #LoadReduction, another new phrase for incompetent.  #DeRuyter tells us each day how much better Eskom is doing and each day the lights get dimmer and dimmer.  I’m currently on generator as I write this.

The #TaxiShutdown left #Razmataz shook, he offered R5k per taxi to compensate for the loss during the #lockdown, the strike happened and we understood why the #TaxiAssociation is so peeved, over 50% of drivers could lose their jobs and 40% of the taxis are likely to be repossessed. Imagine the impact on our country if we can’t get to work.  The #TaxiIndustry showed it’s mite as the #TaxiStrike left commuters stranded and an angry mob made their feelings clear to the #FikileMbalula, so clear that he had to be whisked away, ya ne, this is not the Sport portfolio, I thought you were Minister fearf*kol?  Is it only the taxi crowd that you fear #Mbalula?

ENCA anchor #Shahan tested positive this week as we heard the numbers soar in Gauteng. Our children are in the front line and no one can make up their minds about sending kids back to school, it seems as soon as the school opens it shuts as the kids test positive and take the virus back home to their households.  Can we just admit that we don’t know what we are doing here #Angie?

And then the poor restaurant industry is being moved from pillar to post, once they worked out you can’t eat with a mask on, all hell broke loose and now it may be back to take away only.  Another week of waiting and job losses until a decision will come to light.

Talking of the regulations, any news on the regs for #Level3 #AdvancedWhatWhat?  We have been living in it for 26 days, shouldn’t someone have given us the rules by now?  While I’m on the subject of #Lockdown, we have passed the #90day mark, and no sight of #Level2, what’s the longest period a country has been locked down for?  I know we are only one of two countries in the world to introduce prohibition but are we now in the running to win longest #lockdown?  #DearMrPresident, this isn’t working anymore, the intention was good but you know the road to hell hey? Just ask that #SatanicChurch  in CT – side question, why is it a Church?  Surely that’s not what Satan would want?

Wits announced its #Covid19Vaccine and trials are being run as the country hits the 100k infection mark and Cape Town starts to build makeshift morgues.  It is so bad that everyone knows someone who has it and we still don’t know what to do about it.

Then #TitoMboweni announced without ceremony that we are so damn broke that the hippopotamus is going to swallow us.  That hippo being historical debt that is unmanageable, if we were a company, we would have been liquidated a long time ago.

There’s still no word on cigarettes as #DlaminiZuma and Government ask for the #CigaretteBan case to be referred to a higher court.  What a waste of time, money, and headlines.  For those in the back, we are smoking, we never stopped.  Regardless though #NDZ has hired the big guns to fight this case, I wonder who’s paying the Advocate’s bill?  Us smokers or #Mazotti, oh wait same thing!?

Earlier this week I didn’t get out of my PJ’s, I grabbed a big cup of coffee and a cigarette and settled in for #ZumaTrial, I thought I was in for a day of riveting viewing only to be told the trial has again been moved to September, I phoned a friend and lamented about my day being ruined and she said to me, “but you know mos uBaba isn’t going to have his day in court?”  I was enraged, I questioned this ridiculous statement to which her retort was “#Zuma said he would drop files, no one wants to see uBaba in court. You may as well get dressed and get to work”.  She’s 100% right, he has too many names and we will be waiting for trial until hell freezes over.

#LeonSchuster was taken off air for racist content, my word guys, did you only notice now?

Netanyahu is moving forward with annexing the West Bank in what he terms a “glorious chapter in the history of Zionism” this even appears on a billboard coupled with a picture of Trump.  We think we have problems in SA, try being a #Palestinian.

#TulsaRally, was my best story of the week, the power of social media when it turns from slacktivism (simply carrying a #) to #Activism.  For those who missed it, social media users “reserved” tickets for the rally and then didn’t turn up leaving #Trump speaking to an empty stadium, he was furious and I laughed.  That story cheered me up.

As you can tell from this report I’ve had a belly full of murder and hate in headlines.  I believe, sincerely, that there is a South Africa under all this noise that just wants to get on with things and our job became a great deal harder. Please stop distracting us from rebuilding our country. #StrongerTogether

Prioritising Murders


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