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South Africa, A #WorldFirst Country

Date: 07.17.2024

Written By

Tonya Khoury

I left you for ten days and look at you. The state of you!  I can’t tell my left from my right and to be fair, neither can you. They say the word of the year is #Loadshedding. Ha!  That is so last season; the word we are looking for is #RabbitHole. Rabbit hole, the maneuverings and mad mutterings of South Africa’s muddy politics that is filled with twist and turns so complex that you’ll be lost in a minute and there is no wonderland on the other side. Come have a look at the messy media this week through the looking glass but we’ll only scratch the surface.

First off, I’d like to start with a different take. Remove your pessimism and try this: South Africa is actually a world leader. Look around you. No not here, further. Even further …  have a look beyond our borders.

We don’t have electricity; Europe are now running loadshedding schedules because of gas shortages. We did it first, they followed. Then there’s water shortages (because of no gas) in the so-called first world.  Water tankers guys, you need tankers, and a really bad media communication strategy, and you are off down the rabbit hole!  Corruption, ok look, I have to admit the first world has taught us so much, but we sure can pull a rabbit out of the hat and show them some tricks they haven’t even thought about yet. We have an idea of who our President is, can you say the same for GREAT Britain? Nope. Downing Street might as well be a hot #AirBNB. I’m sure Biden wishes the White House was a one room apartment so that he would know where to go to sleep. South Africa, a #WorldFirst.

Secondly, let’s take a look at East Africa, a so-called “third world” set of countries.  Guess what they have? You’re so smart! They have water and lights. Why can’t we be a functional dysfunctional country? It’s possible, but instead, Joburg is bathing in a bucket and singing happy birthday in the shower as if they are amongst the very blessed.

The bigger bucket is filled with #PoliticalWannabes – I’ll rattle them off because, like you, I’m bored of these parlour games with all their personalized cluster of rabbit holes.  #Mogoeng Mogoeng started his own political party, why?  Because many trust him and the ANC needs votes, and he’ll take your vote and then sell it to the highest bidder. This is a new section of the #RabbitHole, bogus parties. To be fair, though, he is better than #Ace who really is still in the race. #WTA SA? #LindiweSISulu went to visit an inmate called #JohnBlock and wasn’t allowed in.  Why was she there?  He used to be a politician see, and she’s looking for tips or party tricks. #Zweli I-got-vibes Mkhize is also in the ring and apparently the CR22 slate is set. I heard rumours that #Razmataz #MinisterFikileFearFOL #Mbaks might be the Secretary General. This is the same guy who ran away from the taxis. #Mchunu is likely to be Deputy so there is some sanity but one average appointment does not a cabinet make.

In other political news, #Blade won’t step down, Angie #Motshekga says we must work around blackouts if we have to “get up to go to work in the dark, then we must rather get up once the sun has risen”.  I don’t make this stuff up, these are headlines. Uncle #Gwede says #Eskom is the result of poor leadership.  He should get an award our Gwede point-out-the-obvious #Mantashe. Saxonwold Shebeen’s #Molefe knicked nine million but whether he’ll pay it back or not is unclear.  #Phalatse is still on about her ketang/chain. Do some work woman! #LouisLiebenberg gave Zuma money for lawyers but is revealed as a rampant racist. #BarryRoux sat in that court yawning and counting his dollars … #KznMayor was suspended for firearm charges and Thabo #Mbeki did what he does best: he gave a speech about how the “people shall govern”. Dude, please DO something! Please keep up with me, down this rabbit hole, there is more to come.

And then one voice, a voice so clear and eloquent and encouraging, the voice of #ImtiazSooliman made me stop and listen.  He basically said we are on our own and to bring on the #ubuntu because that’s the core of South Africans. While he was giving me hope, his team at #GiftoftheGivers were busy fixing hospitals one by one. There was another voice, one so strong and fearless. #AdvocateBawa tore Busisiwe’s request for her recusal to shreds.  I have mad respect for Advocate Bawa, she has been threatened, bullied, plied with rubbish and she is fearless. Can we vote for these two people?  #hopeSouthAfrica

Take a deep breath because now it gets really heavy. Our children.  A man got a life sentence for slitting several girls’ throats; another got three life terms for kidnapping raping and killing a four-year-old; #Bokgabo’s mother is desperate to find her baby’s missing body parts. Almost six hundred children were murdered in the first half of this year. Just one death penalty, just one chemical castration and this will all change.  Why are we waiting; what lurks further down this disgusting rabbit hole?

Remember the Mine Dump gang rape?  Well, a film crew member was arrested for rape, but the same strapline on the TV said that SHE was found to have items of the robbery on HER person.  I can’t even, I don’t even, No, Xa, Nee.  I’m not going there.

A suspect was arrested for the death of a tourist and a woman was trampled by a hippo in St Lucia.  A child and her mother were attacked by a giraffe. Sadly, the child didn’t survive and the woman is fighting for her life in hospital. #SouthAfricaWorldFirst

Ok exhale, it’s better from here.  The lights are on as we see #CatherineConstantinides and her #StandintheSand campaign to save the #SaharawiPeople actually made an impact.  Ramaphosa met with Saharawi’s leader and promised to assist gaining freedom from the tyranny of Morocco. Speaking about our Prez, #Rama did what he does best, he brought money, this time R270 billlion from Saudi Arabia. I wonder what was sold for that?  Apparently, it went so well that Saudi want to join BRICS (no need for a name change) now BRICSS.  He’s a car salesman alright. At least that money will run Eskom for a month while it’s being blown up. #SouthAfricaWorldFirst

Dis-Chem got hammered because they followed #JSE legislation and said no more white staff.  I don’t even get this story; can someone refer them to a PR company.  Who writes a letter like that? Regardless, we will still spend far too much money in Dis-Chem. They should use it on some good PR and an editor. There are many stellar BEE candidates, just call me I’ll send them your way.

Are you ready for my personal favourite story this week?  Markus #Jooste finally got his day.  The Hawks swooped in and gobbled up lots of cars, property and money, and now we wait for the rest of them.  Those accounting “irregularities” that thieved our pensioners. This story made me so happy.  Having worked in a #Steinhoff type of environment, it’s high time these thieves stopped paying fines.Those fines are just a ticket fee to rob. It’s fraud, it’s theft and it breaks people’s lives, it is not an irregularity. It’s murder #SouthAfricaWorldFirst

Oh dear, I’ve run out of words, so hurry, quick quick, we’re late for that very important date called Friday!

#Transnet’s strike continues. #Pitbulls should be banned apparently, what’s all that about?  The king of “uncancelling” culture #CancelledCulture … #MacG ranted about a guest who wouldn’t come to studio.

One more look around the world and we are out I promise. France and Spain are protesting (they could learn from us), Iran is imploding because of headscarves (they could learn from our inter-faith tolerance). Ukraine is a hot mess and Meghan “reflects” on her Mandela comments and the death of a Monarch.  Another thing that can unite us all, #TsekMeghan.

I’m Tonya Khoury, give some #Ubuntu and thank you for scratching just the surface of this week’s media.

South Africa A WorldFirst Country

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