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Scrubbing the Red Carpet: Busi Mkhwebane

Date: 07.17.2024

Written By

Tonya Khoury

Have you missed #ScratchTheSurface? Don’t fear my holiday break is over and you can stop reading the news because I’m doing it for you.

In the meantime, we continue, to #ScrubTheRedCarpet. In this week’s edition we introduce you to Madam herself.

Busi Mkhwebane, the woman who refuses to be called by her own name. She prefers Madam, or Public Protector, well I suppose one should add #SuspendedPublicProtector or simply PP. Pee Pee, mmh I’m just leaving that there. Anyway, Busi has been out of office since June 2022, before she was appointed, in 2016, by Jacob Zuma, Madam worked as a counselor in Immigration and Civil Services in SA’s Embassy in China. It was here the drama began, Madam became one of the many Gupta cash recipients. She denies this of course, even though it’s on paper. She has commonly become known as the #PublicNeglector in the Acumen reports but perhaps we should have just referred to her as PP afterall.

Busi was suspended, rightly so, because of her incompetence that coupled her outrageous management style. Her staff were so afraid of her that they were scared to attend to their sick families and their own ill health. Madam doesn’t care, madam doesn’t want sick notes nor does she have any compassion. Yet, and here’s the irony, a sick note is what stopped her appearing in court and she is, today, blathering on about how we have no compassion for her purse strings and how she cannot possibly attend the #194Enquiry for a number of reasons. So who do you pick to stall a court case? There can be only one, Dali talk-a-lot Mpofu. Dali and Busi have a love-hate relationship. Her tantrums have been witnessed live in court with Dali (as it appears she believes he too is incompetent). The Enquiry has been droning on for almost a year and the excuses for stalling have ranged from, sick notes to no money to being a subject of GBV (by the enquiry), to a walk out by her and her team, to simply kekeletsying by not arriving to court at all. (That’s this week’s story).

Currently Busi, who should be held in contempt, has had to move out of her mansion but is still seen with brand labelled handbags that would probably buy Dali for a month. Just this week she is quoted in a tweet saying: ”Stage 8 of rolling blackouts is a gross violation of human rights for the poor and marginalized.” Marginalised, I mean really, Poor? What an insult, she’s gobbled up over 100k of state funds to play Stalingrad with Dali and she is merely a Zuma-stooge. By the time the enquiry has wrapped up, she is likely to have finished her paid term and I’m sure she’ll be sipping #PennyRoyalTea at elevenses with uBaba.

Busi1Busi2 Busi3Busi4 busi5 Busi6

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