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A day can seem like a lifetime in a media crisis.  Imagine waking up to find you are trending for all the wrong reasons in the media space. This wouldn’t happen with Acumen Media.

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dedicated team of media professionals

All media in the blink of an eye

Before you can say Jack Robinson our team of media experts will track all media (from traditional to social) and measure it all in one interactive and live dashboard. Widely recognised as the leaders in Active Media Listening; we offer reliable data from 175 countries and assess your brand in one click, giving you what you need to know. Instantly.

Unlike other media monitors and listening tools on the market, Acumen does the work so you don’t have to. We will alert you when there is something that needs your attention. Has the elephant left the room? In that case we will send you a live report on your campaign’s progress.


We are a team of dedicated media professionals that scrutinise your brand’s every move throughout the day.


We are experts in identifying potential crisis or hotspots of media mayhem and we will alert you accordingly.


We ensure that you are equipped with all the metrics necessary to aid your upcoming strategy.

Who is Jack Robinson? We will never know.

Lost Inside The Labyrinth?

Circumventing the Media Maze

As your travelling companion across the unpredictable and ever-changing landscape we will:


Assess the media market before your project begins.


Understand your global brand messaging and ensure that the narrative is suitable to your brand and brand reputation.


Manage crises by offering insights into a “bad day” in the media.


Offer geo location making it easy to pick up where the conversation is coming from.


Produce instant insight reporting within minutes of a new trend disrupting the market.


Measure and give guidance on topics that might make an impact on your brand.

These are some of the impactful yardsticks!

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It’s Elementary, Dear Watson

Media Decisions Backed by Irrefutable Data

We never leave your data, that is the crucial difference of doing business with Acumen. We are part of your communications team. Instead of using dated ticketing systems, we open a Whatsapp group and tell you what you need to know. All the while we keep a close eye on any movement that might need your further attention.

There are so many things that make us different, not the least of which is costs. We do not charge an annual fee in a foreign currency. You can hire us for a couple of weeks or you can stay for a while. There are no limitations.

In short, with Acumen, you have the ability to make good media judgements and quick decisions backed by irrefutable data at an affordable cost.


What We Offer

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Whatsapp Groups

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Active listening

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Insight Reporting

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