Media Intelligence

Acumen have partnered with specialists around the globe to bring to market the finest Intelligence Software known to market. The system identifies influencers, tracks and interprets coverage and the use of that coverage by the sentiment and volume of traffic / conversation it generated. Ad Spend can be measured against PR Spend, giving an accurate view of the marketing efforts. Data can be pulled from any business mechanism to compare and visualise the effectiveness. The system uses AI and Neural Learning to generate 98% accuracy across the English language. It covers data from any source allowing end users to cross reference sales, media, conversation, spend etc against their brand presence. The system tracks virality and can assist in crisis communications by identifying influencers to protect a brand. It also provides image recognition, true geo-location, business KPIs

You have media monitoring, so what?

  • Media monitoring can only take you so far, the ability to take external and internal data and converge them into one space, means you can truly understand your brand positioning and your reputation index
  • Ability to add additional company KPIs like Google Analytics, Ad Spend, Traditional Media Performance
  • Breaking through data into Strategy Application to improve your Brand’s performance



Determing positive and negative Influencers
Identify other influencers


Assess levels of engagement
Identify emerging trends
Identify reach levels


Net / Overall sentiment of the brand
Granular sentiment of engagement


Gender / Interests & Emotions of users
Influencer, engagement rates, followers and likes
Emoji analysis



Google Analytics
Any third party data


95% accurate
Neural learning
Artificial intelligence

Alerts & reporting

Time & Frequency that suits brand
Interactive alerts and reports

Data set

Millions of sites
and media related data
  • The system recognises logos allowing for Visual Analytics
  • It is possible to overlay strategy KPIs against the conversation. One can overlay any electronic data like: adspend, Google Analytics, Sales data etc against the conversation to see the impact across the entire brand.
  • Integrating outside data is simple and effective
  • Consulting on the data interpretation can be done as often as required, the costing supplied allows for one consultation per month