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It’s not a trend;
it’s a conscious shift.

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remote work

Flexibility to necessity

The new normal and the move to hybrid work – a blended model where some employees return to the workplace and others continue to work from home – represents the single greatest opportunity to improve your company’s agility, productivity, diversity and environmental impact. These factors, coupled with savings on property and travel time; make us certain that this is not a trend, but rather a conscious shift. But it still comes with its challenges.

From flexibility to necessity: How to manage remote workers.

Most organisations only had a few weeks to transition to remote work. Now, two years after the outbreak of Covid-19, these organisations have to overcome the challenge of managing these remote teams while maintaining company culture.

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AI powered technology safeguards the well-being of your employees

KnowYourDay is a new lightweight, non-intrusive, remote worker productivity tool that you and your employees will love. It provides everything you need to help optimise your remote team’s efficiency, support overall productivity and grow your business remotely, whilst always respecting user privacy.

Agile time and project tracking

KnowYourDay‘s add-on Billable Hours is a user-friendly App where you can create the projects and tasks that you wish to track by the second.

Tracks time to the second


Option to add, edit and delete projects or tasks


Time spent can be logged against projects and tasks


All information is securely stored local to your computer, not in the cloud


Exportable timesheets are available in a CSV format and are viewable anytime

AI Powered

Challenges of Hybrid Work

Simple tools designed to support well-being and success

Challenge #1: Time Management:

When we have the ability to structure our days, and the most suitable techniques and tools at our disposal, our ability to focus is stronger.

Challenge #2: Overworked Employees

Remote working is encouraging a culture of so-called “Epresenteeism” (The practice of being at work for more hours than is required).

This has harmful effects on health and eventually productivity.

Challenge #3: Fragmented Team Communication

Employees alternating between home and the office is bound to create gaps in communication.

Sometimes casual conversations around the water cooler could lead to decisions being taken outside of the team’s knowledge.

Challenge #4. Job Compatibility

Not every job is a good fit for remote work, and not every employee is cut out for working from home.

Challenge #5: The 2 D Authentic Self

Employees are increasingly being encouraged to bring their true authentic self to the workplace in order to be more engaged and truly happy. What happens now?

Challenge #6: Too Much Time in The Rec Room

When managed poorly, remote work can dramatically erode engagement and productivity.
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Remote Dashboard

See your whole company ‘at a glance’.
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Activity View

User privacy sits at the heart.

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AI Analysis

Valuable insight across your remote workforce.
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User Privacy

Personal privacy is a priority.
knowyourday time

Time & Motion Studies

See in detail what you and the business are doing.
knowyourday security

Secure By Design

Security features tailored to protect your data.

Simple and Intuitive Dashboard

KnowYourDay provides an instant snapshot of the employee’s performance on a single screen..

See staff working in real-time.


Access where time is spent and on which applications.


Switch seamlessly between department and user.


Monitor who is active across your network.


Identify potential safeguarding issues early.


Identify potential bottlenecks.

Did you know an average user creates 60,000 data points on any workday?
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Day-to-day view of overall team activity

Whether you chose by team, department or individual, our activity charts will give you lighting fast views of overall activity, including:

Total active hours.


Total keystrokes made.


Mouse activity.


Applications used.


Users presently online.

Did you know that we don’t take a single snapshot of your screen?
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Artificial intelligence engine for advanced analysis

A user generates tens of thousands of data points during a typical workday. Individually, these are meaningless, combined with artificial intelligence, they create valuable insights into user-behaviour.

By getting to understand the user, KnowYourDay can identify:


Users pushing for promotion.


Users upskilling in new areas.


Users multi-tasking.


User burnout.

Did you know none of these data points contain sensitive information?
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The utmost respect for user privacy

User privacy sits at the heart of KnowYourDay. Unlike other tools, we don’t need to collect personal information to provide you with the business metrics you need.

We do not collect or store actual keystrokes made, only the count.


We report on applications used, but not the content.


We show website classification and DNS activity, but no link to actual pages.

Did you know that we are ISO, GDPR and POPIA compliant?
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Small changes with big benefits

KnowYourDay helps you identify between high and low value tasks; allowing you to prioritise, and free up time for what’s important. KYD helps you to:

See in detail what you and your colleagues are doing.


Spot key opportunities to become more efficient.


Evaluate changes and their impact on the business.

Did you know that by simply changing their Monday morning meeting time, a business upped their production by twenty percent?
knowyourday time charts

Secure by design

We understand that no two clients are the same. The entire system can be customised to suit your needs. For example, most cyber-crime happens from within an organisation. This may be a challenge your company is experiencing. Through customisation KnowYourDay creates add-on features tailored to your needs.

KnowYourDay customisation includes:


Suspect activity alerts.


Sensitive file access activity.


Sensitive file rename activity.


Sensitive file delete activity.


Sensitive file USB download.


Protection of your company’s data.


Triggering alerts and logging nefarious actions.


Any other requirement that is set by the organisation.

Did you know that KnowYourDay is used by government agencies as a preventative measure for insider hacking?
knowyourday detect anomaly on your netwrok


Simple, Elegant and User-friendly

Start working with KnowYourDay today. It’s simple to install and can be up and running in minutes.
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Easy endpoint Installation

Simple download for PC or Mac, KnowYourDay runs securely in the background.
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Empowers remote working

View your team as if they were in the office.
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Artificial Intelligence Engine

Machine Learning analyses user inputs to provide intelligent, meaningful charts.
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Detailed Reports & Alerts

Easily export reports as simple office documents to share with your teams.

Windows and macOS

To learn more about Billable Hours and the KnowYourDay Productive Suite, view our walk-through videos below:


knowyourday android
knowyourday IOS


Plans For Every Need

KnowYourDay is flexible to suit whatever your business requirements.

Subscription is charged monthly and is based on the number of users.


There is a set-up fee for the initial installation.

View our walk-through videos to learn more about KnowYourDay‘s Productive suite and Billable Hours.



To learn more about Billable Hours and the KnowYourDay Productive Suite, view our walk-through videos below:

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