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#HouseNegroes #TheAftermath – An Acumen Media Report

Date: 05.26.2024

Written By

Tonya Khoury

Hey South Africa. Tell me how you are doing?  Has #ReturnToWork got you all blue?  Allow me to push you straight to anti-depressants.  You may not have realized it, but this week you saw the official launch of #DuduzaneZuma for President. If you thought that my top story was #LindiweSisulu, then you’re right, but if you missed the link then … you’re not that bright.  Yet again, my #FellowSouthAfricans, #WeAreBeingPlayed.

I am unkind, but I don’t mean to be.  When you’ve been managing these reports for so long it’s pretty easy to work out.  The media that we are fed is not always what it seems. Are you ready?  Let’s #ScratchTheSurface with Acumen Media.

#LindiweSisulu.  Your grandfather, your ancestor, #WalterSisulu, must be devastated at your behaviour.  The Minister of Tourism, #Sisulu, this week took to media to call the South African Judiciary nothing but a bunch of #HouseNegroes.  The Judiciary, to be fair, is the only thing we have left to be proud of.  She said that the likes of #Zondo and #MogoengMogeong were nothing but puppets star struck by colonialism.  Shocked?  Of course you are, and there’s more.  She went on to further insult the fine minds of our Concourt – the custodians of the CONSITUTION –  by spewing that they were nothing but strategic placements by colonialists; or more to the point #WMC #WhiteMonopolyCapital.  The word “negroes” was put there purely for shock value my friends, because #Sisulu knew exactly what she was doing.  She was enforcing #AceMagashule and the #ZumaFamily’s resounding call to ignore our constitution.  She might as well have stood up and said, “Cheers Cyril, I’m off to Duduzane’s #RET”, but instead, used a thin veil of #BlackLiberation to announce her change in the political landscape.  She insulted the highest achievers in this land with infantile name calling.

If you look up the term “Negro” on Google; the first thing that slaps you in the face is that the word has been tagged by the machine as “OFFENSIVE”.  One person didn’t mind these insults… #Malema.  Check out the tweet where he says, “Sisulu must never allow anyone on the payroll of CR17 to bully her… we are not scared of him (Zondo)”. The #EFF, including #DaliMpofu (hold that thought), are all on board the ship of fools calling the smartest people in our country #HouseNegroes.  How very dare you?  We see you and your cheap clickbait and we are nothing but ashamed of you.  With a media brand net sentiment of minus 61%, it’s clear Linds, #WeWillNotBePlayed in your #Aftermath. We see you in your smart cars, all the while  dripping with tainted money and oozing decadence. We see you as you walk those Prada stilettos over people’s dreams and achievements.  You are a hypocrite and a future #RETLeader.  Just join #Duduzane and leave us alone.  #TheAftermath

#Zondo gave a rebuttal via a press conference and he literally took #Sisulu to school.  His delivery stung like a wasp’s nest as he pointed out that her words are just meaningless, because they were and are unsubstantiated.  Ah! the voice of reason.  #Concourt is about the only thing that has a little integrity left in this country and #Zondo showed just how educated a “house negro” could be.  South Africa #TheAftermath.

You see, this is what happens when you have a president that is mute.  A president that is too scared to cull his cabinet in case he loses his cushy place from whence  he controls billions of dollars and feebly attempts to have an  influence on the entire continent.  This same man allowed his Minister to go rogue.  He allowed #Zuma to pass water on the constitution; he allowed the #CoupDetat and the #InsurrectionWithoutConsequences; he allowed the #HousesofParliament to burn, and now he is allowing his staff to use the ruse of classism and racism over the highest court of the land.  Your silence is deafening #Ramaphosa! #TheAftermath

I started off by telling you that #DuduzaneZuma was electioneering, and just to convince those of you who are still on the fence:  #TonyYengeni took to the media to tell us what a lekker oke #Duduzane is.  It doesn’t mean a lot coming from you Tony; you’re also a lover of flashy cars and easy money.

Remember the homeless guy, #ZandileMafe, who got a bunch of explosives and became South Africa’s #GuyFawkes?  This week he was told, in no uncertain terms, that he has a mental disorder and he needs psychiatric treatment.  He didn’t  agree and has gone on a #HungerStrike.  #DaliMpofu is standing next to him as his defense.  So, if we agree that there was an Insurrection and that this #ParliamentFire was part of the Modus Operandi, then it makes sense to bribe your scapegoat and then promise him the finest legal counsel money can buy… Wait, hang on, does #Lindiwe think #Dali is a #HouseNegro too?  Now I’m confused.  Just another day in #TheAftermath

Talking about #Aftermath, I hope you enjoyed your small break and that you are recovering from whatever it was that you picked up over the festivities.  Most of us are sick here in #Sodwana.  I was still calling it #Flu, but the doctor confirmed that almost 70% of our region has tested positive for #Covid19. In the same breath, he told me that the hospitals were empty, so not to worry. #TheAftermath of 2021 would soon abate.

Talking about #CovidConsequences, this week we saw the #Aftermath of an education system ravaged by #Lockdown. #AngieMotshekga wants us to believe this is complicated but it’s not.  Kids just couldn’t go to school and could not afford to learn online, not just financially but logistically. It was physically impossible for our children to learn over the past two years.  So, what does #Angie do? Refuses to publish the #MatricResults because of the POPI act, (yes that happened) and will not allow us to interrogate the pass rate at all. A grade of 30% is still the benchmark for having an education., Effectively, that means 70% of the teachings  went unlearnt, and we wonder why we are building an unemployable nation. #TheAftermath

#BackToSchool was a hot mess, and many children did not and still do not have a school.  Late notifications from the Government meant that moms and dads had to queue for miles to get the basics in less than 48hours.  This, during the height of the pandemic. And what was #Angie’s retort? Please enforce social distancing in the schools. Anywhere from 1 to 500 meters apart.  Huh?  Most schools don’t stretch 500 meters, especially under your watch #Motshekga. And because of your department’s incompetence you’ve spread the pandemic to parents of first graders.  #TheAftermath

Regardless of this chaos, #Backtoschool pics filled our timeline and #GradeR pics warmed most of our hearts, that is, until I read what my eyes and brain couldn’t compute.  Twitter was tearing chunks out of any kid that had the privilege to go to a private school.  Twitter called it #Flexing.  Now we hate on people that have risen above this useless education system, at an immense cost and sacrifice from the parents, and you troll them?  Let me get this right, being a judge is bad and better educating yourself is bad, but if you don’t free yourself from poor education then you are a #HouseNegro.  That was the message loud and clear.  #TheAftermath

There was a great deal of other big news, but I’m running out of words so I’ll try and be brief.  #StateCapture was rehashed to the point of nausea as we saw “special courts” on the cards to deal with the prosecution of 1500 gangsters.  #Bain and #AtholWilliams featured a great deal and it was revolting.  There is pot growing next to the President’s office, now that explains a lot.  #Eskom is preparing us for the mother of all #PriceHikes.  The ANC are so broke that they pimped out the #President at golf days and gala dinners where you could pay up to R350k to watch a man eat, or tee off.  #TheAftermath.

#FikileMbalula, #Razzmatazz, #MinsterFF, #MisterFix, #Mbaks is in the #Hawks line of sight.  Look I like him, purely for entertainment value. I wouldn’t trust him with a dead horse, but again we are seeing pure electioneering my friends. Don’t be played.  When #CarlNiehaus becomes a big influencer then you know that you are simply trampling through the drudgery that is the #Aftermath of the #ZumaFamily

I do have excellent news. That silly #DemeritSystem that they tried to push through was ousted by the #HouseNegroes and #OUTA made our country proud again. Thank you for actually doing something #OUTA. If you are not helping this organisation of fine legal minds (house negroes if you will) then you have missed a critical opportunity to actually make a positive impact on this country.

Across the waters we saw #MusksMadness step into SA terrain as #Elon sent rockets to space.  #PrinceAndrew’s US case is going forward, and I wonder if he’ll be joining #Epstein on the #LolitaExpress?  #BorisJohnson attended a #BringYourOwnBooze party despite #CovidRestrictions, so they are calling for his resignation – imagine if we did that here, everyone would have to leave the burning parliament building. Oh wait, they probably should anyway.  What an #Aftermath!

I’m Tonya Khoury and you’ve just #ScratchedTheSurface with Acumen Media.


House Negroes the Aftermath 1

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