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Get on with your #FineSelf – An Acumen Media Report

Date: 02.20.2024

Written By

Tonya Khoury

#Ramaphalaphalagate is about the only story worth talking about, so let’s take a deep dive into that story.  I use the term “deep dive” because I can’t dive for another three months. #Gutted hey?  Yes indeed, gutted.  Nothing left to do but focus on #RamaGate and #SenzoMeyiwa.

So, this #PhalaPhala thing was brought to a head by none other than #ArthurFraser; the guy who said Zuma was too ill to go to jail and the same guy who made sure that Zuma returned to Nkandla.  Then, ATM requested an impeachment process to start on our #President. See, somehow, those two sets of names / organisations (Frazer and ATM) do not an honest or trusted story make.  In fact, anything but.  And then, and adding a hint of rouge to the gleeful actors, , the EFF appeared from behind the curtain and  dropped an “edited video”. Why are we seeing an #EditedVideo?  And if Frazer knew about this money / couch laundering then why didn’t he ,as head of SSA at the time, report it to the National Intelligence Committee? Or the nearest couch cleaning company. Surely, and at the very least,  it would have been his legal obligation to do so?  As a matter of interest, when did cash in your couch become illegal; it was the norm before the arrival of affordable banking  (I’m eyeing my mattress as we speak, but it’s not a couch). I smell a fat and gluttonous rat.

The President has left it to due process. You know what I don’t get, given the state of our country and the relentless tax, is all this brouhaha behind Ramaphosa putting some cash in his couch..  What I still don’t get is the 896 charges brought against Zuma and…  we didn’t get him to testify once, not once. In fact, we are STILL trying to get him to answer many of the myriad of questions on #Statecapture But stash a few notes in your sofa (not even a Chesterfield) and the world wants to know why; they want answers or the president will be impeached.

The President fired #Mkhwebane, and now she has served him an ultimatum. Take your fine self and #GetOutOfHere.  #KhakiCarl wasn’t far behind as he lay criminal charges on #Ramaphalaphala. Get on with your fine self!  You really are wasting my time.

It was Youth Day yesterday.  Ah, the irony. This was the day Hector Petersen and hundreds of other children took a stand against being taught in the language of the oppressor.  This week, six pupils were killed in a car accident and a child fell into a drain and could not be retrieved. This week where a gun wielding lunatic trampled all over a child. What have we done for our youth?  With a 30% pass mark, I’d say pretty much nothing.  Public holidays are worthless in the light of the plight of our children. And then, no less, it’s in the middle of the week, making this report even harder to write.  Good news though, I don’t know if it’s for the youth, but Ryan air got rid of that ridiculous Afrikaans test.

The crazier story is that the World Bank loaned SA almost half a billion Dollars.  An unsound decision at best. I really want to know who does due diligences and liquidity tests on SA.  No one and I mean no one would give you and I that kind of money if our loan accounts looked like South Africa’s.  I for one don’t owe anyone money and I pay people on time, yet still they won’t give me a rotten penny, even if there are more rotten pennies out there than ever before.

Senzo Meyiwa’s second docket caused even further chaos as Kelly Khumalo is clearly implicated.  Amongst all this #Teffo wants the judge recused. Your wasting my time.

AG finds that municipalities are paying millions to consultants for doing basic tasks. Only 41 out of 247 municipalities passed the audit.  Get on with your fine selves. R1.6 Billion paid in consulting fees in comparison to the  R10 billion allocated for salaries.  These consultants were paid  for VAT submissions. Yes, VAT. Chris Hani municipality paid R34m to a consultant to file its VAT submission. I know my accountant, who is excellent by the way, would charge R4k per month.  Get On with your fine self.

Afriforum and EFF fight about the old apartheid flag. Revolting.   Cape Fires rage while other areas experience floods.  SASSA reintroduced the R350 grant and most of the unemployed breathed a sigh of relief.  How do you live on R350 in a month?  And we are fighting about flags. Sick.

There is now officially #WaterShedding! And not just for a couple of hours: Nelson Mandela Bay have no water during the week from 10am to 4pm. Get on, go on, git, tsk!

The cold front came barreling into Cape Town dressed in a cloak that left the homeless ice cold.


Amber says she can’t pay Johnny and then hops on a private plane.  Ah Amber, always be true to yourself babes.

Kim Kartrashian messed up Marilyn’s dress, we probably shouldn’t care but Twitter had so much fun showing outfits that Kim is not allowed to try on, ever. Some were Sausage dog costumes others were really old y-fronts.  It was funny, so sorry Madam Monroe

I’m Tonya Khoury and you’ve just scratched the surface with Acumen Media

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