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Feed Rural KZN



Feed Rural KZN

Please donate using the banking details below, or contact us if you can assist with Food Supply.

Account Details:

Bank: FNB
Account number: 62835246209
Account name: Tonya Khoury PTY LTD
SWIFT (International): FIRNZAJJXXX
Reference (optional): Food Parcel KZN

Avoid another humanitarian crisis

Feed Rural KZN is a local citizens’ movement to feed the hungry.



We started this project as a group of locals that were very concerned about the impact of CoVid 19 on the very rural parts of our country. Some have come and gone along the journey but the following people are currently working on #FeedRuralKZN:

Tonya Khoury

Entrepreneur and business owner of Tonya Khoury PTY LTD 2019/5468/78 T/A Acumen Media. Local citizen
Many would recognise the name Sodwana Bay, a tourist destination for diving and fishing part of iSimangaliso Game Reserve. The closest town is called Mbazwana and is 10km from Sodwana. Mbazana is also a service point for Lake Sibaya and the surround areas of Mbazwana. Ward numbers 2,3,5 and 7 of Umhlabuyalingana Municipality.

What do we need?

We urgently need payment for Food or a paid supply of food, we have got food orders on standby. We have got a quote to make 10,000 “Combos” at a price of R1,800,000 that can be delivered tomorrow if we have payment. We don’t even need that much money, anything you can give us we will put to good use. We have got a base price of R200 a unit but in bulk R180 will cover each unit.

  • We need educational videos or flyers to teach people about social distancing and hygiene IN ISIZULU, we tried and it is in the Annexures
  • We need water tankers to the four wards
  • We need WIFI hotspots in each ward to assist with keeping people informed and to relieve the boredom and possible breaking of the law.

If you have food or these resourced as an organisation, can be arranged to one central point in Mbazwana (two and half hours drive from Richards Bay / Four Hours from Durban) then we have no need for cash, we are all willing to get involved locally.

What is the problem at large?

We are trying to feed a large community in a rural area that was supported by social grants in the past. These people were hungry before lockdown. Most don’t work but those that do work, are crafters who make tourist gifts like baskets and carvings, wash cars etc. there is no tourism now and those that lived hand to mouth no longer are able to eat. (Not that they were really eating before to be fair).


Many generations living under one roof and close proximity is mandatory.


Limited access to social media so only small amount of education has passed on about the preventative measures.


There is no money for soap, let alone an education mechanism to teach people what to do.

What have we done so far?

We have received permissions with the kind help of Rudi Hillermann (Senior Manager, KZN Dept of Co-operative Governance & Trad Affairs) after seeing he saw a social media post. The assistance came from Themba Mlambi Special Projects Kzn. We have successfully achieved the following:
  • Government, Police and the Tribal Council have agreed to allocate venues for packing and storage that are both secure and CoVid19 Friendly
  • We have the volunteers for packing
  • We have police security to man the packing stations and keep people from a health risk
  • The spaces allocated can accommodate packaging of 10 000 units.


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