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#ElectionCorrection – The #ANC drops to the bottom of the pile.

Date: 02.20.2024

Written By

Tonya Khoury

Roll up, roll up, roll up, it’s that time of year. Get your #Election case study here with Acumen Media. It is safe to say that my piece #DearHelenZille was a furthering of my education. Boy did I get schooled. I can’t vote DA, I’m sorry I take it back. Social Media taught me a lesson that is now ingrained in my brain.

Apart from the disgusting stance on #Palestine, I was reminded how the DA have had control of Johannesburg for years and have achieved nothing. I was shown the great divide in Cape Town, the divide between the have’s and the have nots. It has been that thing for years. There has been no change. And then other disparities that are obvious were pointed out. The lack of black leadership, and the good people that have left because they simply can’t work with #GodZille. I knew all this, but I was so disgruntled with the ANC parading Cupcake round opening a borehole I saw no other way out. Boy was I wrong.

I’m Tonya Khoury and this is the second last Acumen report for 2023. Next week we wrap up the crazy year we’ve endured in #23GetBehindMe.

Of course, when my socials warned me on the perils of voting DA, I went to go and check what our snazzy technology had to say. Get this, the DA has as bad a reputation as the EFF! I kid you not. The ANC’s net sentiment is the worst of the lot with negative 81% and the DA is sitting on -64% and then, here’s the clanger, the EFF sits at negative 65%. The stats don’t lie: we hate them all. Almost 60% of social media use the term hate when it comes to these three parties. So yes, my timeline filled with corrections was accurate. Once again, none of these three deserve our vote.


South Africa is playing a long game, we are done with the ANC but we are also not falling for the #MoonshotPact. The cow can jump over the moon! There were other fascinating stats that came out of the data. We are more concerned with water than we are with electricity. One of the most negative aspects out of the data was the President and “furniture”. That computer of mine is so clever, it picked up the couch and the fact that the bailiffs are trying to attach ANC’s furniture. I laughed and then I stopped.


So, what about the other lot? There are six hundred of them! Look I love you guys but there is no way I’m analysing six hundred parties. Not unless you pay me! So, I picked the ones I’m likely to turn to: IFP, Action SA, Mmusi’s BOSA and Rise Mzansi. I like this last bunch, they literally started from a Whatsapp group – I know funny right? I’m in the same Whatsapp group. It is filled with South Africans with suggestions and valid points on how to help SA. Grass roots, I’m always a fan of grass roots. So, I put these guys into my toy, and this is what happened, they smashed it. They have the best net sentiment, the only party in the study to have a POSITIVE sentiment and over 34% at that. Don’t jump like popcorn, I’m not done. Both the IFP and Mmusi’s BOSA had negative 40 somethings.


What a conundrum my country? Before you scribble your X over #RiseMzansi, please understand that statistics can be enchanting so they are best interpreted by someone who is used to them. That person is me and I’ve looked at all variables. In a nutshell, the less said, the better the sentiment. So, to assume that Rise Mzansi deserves your vote on sentiment alone, is incorrect, it simply means that Rise Mzansi needs a lot more media exposure and only then will you see the party’s true colours. The IFP. Living in Zululand and seeing the great spirit of ubuntu in action almost makes me turn to the IFP, that’s until I see their billboards. They say, “Trust us” and alongside the logo, flaunt a picture of Chief Buthelezi. With all respect, the Chief is dead. But he is not #Mandela and it really is time for the IFP to showcase their leadership. Have they got any? Eish, ungaaz. At least they recognise the genocide in Palestine. Then there’s Mmusi and BOSA. I like him; he was the one that almost had the DA win the elections until Zille hoofed him. And even though I really really like him, I’m not sure he’s tough enough. Do we need tough? Or do we just need a degree of integrity and honesty? What we are desperate for is #ElectionDirection.


Look I could go on and analyse Carl Knee Highs or Gayton or ACEbestos or Duduzane but what’s the point? They’re all there just to get paid for their votes. So we have to be smart now SA to get out of this election distraction and start our new journey. It is unlikely that this election will show us anything but flames of coalition chaos but it’s the start. Does democracy work in SA? I’m still not sure. Take your X seriously though, this time we have no choice but to make it count. And if it’s coalition crashes the top three want, let’s give it to them. In the meantime, let’s return to our homes and take care of our kin and our surroundings. If each one of us do that, nothing can stop us, nothing. Clean your street, help your neighbour, teach your children, stay away from the tyranny of heavy fisted men, guard yourself against the tsotsis and keep praying. Remember this unequivocable statement: we live in the finest country in the world, politicians will have you forget that.

I’m Tonya Khoury, this is a short but succinct #ElectionReflection with Acumen Media.






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