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#DeathToll Rises and #InfectionRates rocket as SA steps into the #WarZone again!

Date: 05.26.2024

Written By

Tonya Khoury

I have struggled with the level of reporting surrounding #Covid19 but now it seems that the media has found its level and I can return to weekly statistics, thank goodness I was #DrowningNotWaving!

Overnight, we saw many stories related to people who have #TestedPositive for #CoronaVirus, most of these stories come from our front-line of defense, the #EssentialWorkers.  The team of people that are tasked to feed us and keep us safe are compromised.  This truly is a warzone and our #soldiers (including the #SANDF) are being hit in the line of fire. #checkers #dischem #Netcare #tigerBrands #Coke  #SANDF and others all became headlines with devastating news of positive infections and subsequent closing of facilities. All this happened on #Day21 our initial #LockdownRelease date. (Thank you again #Mr President for taking #PeopleOverProfit)

Inevitably, #LockdownLifted for some key industries, I understand that we cannot keep the country on #Lockdown forever but, I fear for my fellow countrymen.  #OilRefineries #Mines #Artizans #Fishermen #CallCentres and #IEC all called back to work #WeSaluteYouSA.

#SchoolScourge hits 67 this week, with looting and torching reported.  How will we educate our children once this is over, these are schools that used to feed children every single day or they would go hungry? Theft and illegal activities also occupied timelines as crime made it’s way back into SA’s streets, not only the layman but the cops have come under scrutiny too, issuing of #illegalpermits and #bootlegging are rife across #SAPS.  With the ban on #Alcohol and #Cigarettes I can’t see this trend improving but it is encouraging to see the swift action taken against the perpetrators.

A word on #Hunger, the relief project #FeedRuralKZN has had lift off here in Mbazwana with gracious rice and #mohotoDrink #Magogos donated on a regular basis.  A man who won’t be named living in Holland is the “dutchman who saved Mbazwana” regular donations of EUR500 make it possible to feed 50 families at a time! #WeSaluteYouDutchman.  Over the course of this #Lockdown campaign, we have managed to collectively deliver 650 food parcels to those that were #hungryB4Lockdown, only another 8150 to go!  I’m not being flippant, I’m using a microcosm of South Africa to explain the national emergency we are experiencing, #Alexandra and #Mitchellsplain started rioting because there is no food.  Worse still is #Sebokeng without food or water.  This pandemic has highlighted, beyond doubt, the areas neglected in SA over the past 50 years.  There was hunger before# lockdown, now the new threat is #starvation. One headline in #timesLive sums it up: “I wish my family would get sick and hospitalised so we could eat”.  My heart to you South Africa!

The death of a man in #Alexandra under the hands of the #SANDF (allegedly) has been the focus of many headlines, the soldier has been dealt with and we await the law to “take its course” as the Minister said. This comes after cries about the #ArmyBrutality are at an all time high, what a tragic time we are living in.  #MassScreening was rolled out this week and kudos to the government for taking action – no lip service here just swift action!

#SA throws its weight behind #WHO, the same organisation that the #OrangePresident brought to its knees this week!  It is sad but so patriotic to watch #Trump, it makes us look so good!  I must admit my life would be less cheerful if it wasn’t for #DumpTrump, he is genuinely a cartoon and you can’t look away, like a car crash that makes you laugh, I’m sick right?  No wait, he’s sick right?

#StaySafe fellow humans and I challenge you to give a loaf of bread to someone who needs it, just do it and tell us #MissionAccomplished (without swallowing an egg), #FeedSouthAfrica!


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