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Dear Mr President, You’re a Liar!

Date: 05.26.2024

Written By

Tonya Khoury

I watched your #SONA address and your #SONAResponse and here are the facts. You’re a liar. A bare faced liar. Liar, liar pants on fire, nose as long as a telephone wire. That’s what you are Mr President. You warra warra’d about the post-democracy population. You called them the #Tintswalos and you said how they have food, jobs and education. You told us that the electricity is sorted and the next day we had #Stage6 loadshedding, not loadshedding, blackouts. You are as arrogant as you are shameless and here’s one South African that has had a gut full.

I’m Tonya Khoury and I’m disgusted because I watched #Sona (all of it) so you don’t have to feel the way I feel.

#MrPresident, you and your crew are out of touch. The truth is the #Tintswalos are mostly unemployed (70% of them), uneducated – a 30% pass rate does not create a literate nation – and you can bet your hidden randallas that many of the #Tintswalos either have been raped, killed or mugged. Most are plain desperate. How dare you get up on your podium and vomit a bunch of lies across parliament and expect us to clean it up? Not this time, I’m afraid it’s over. As wards are being won across the country by parties other than the ANC (and the DA I might add). Your chickens have come home to roost, I just hope there is a roost for them to sit on.

You see #MrPresident you may be impressed by the notion of high-speed trains, but we are more concerned with the fact that there has not been a day in 2023 without a water outage. Do you think #Tintswalo cares about bullet trains?  They are more concerned with Cape Town evicting the homeless from the foreshore. You even had the gall to say that #CadreDeployment is a good thing, basically a great fat lie that nepotism is the right way to ensure a lean cabinet. You also told us that three of the 90 odd bridges were built that you promised the #SANDF would do years ago. At the time I thought this story was odd, but now that you think that three out of ninety makes good on a promise, now I actually care. You should have kept quiet; we’d forgotten about that silly story. I used to work with a businessman that used to say: “We run this business on the smell of an oil rag”. Take that rag Mr President and shove it into your bullet train, let’s see how far you “run” or better still, build that bridge and walk across it. Keep walking.

One of the #DA MP’s was asked to withdraw a comment saying that you, #MrPresident, are not honourable. Let’s look at the definition of honour:

HONOUR: High respect; of great esteem; the quality of knowing and doing what is morally right; to fulfil (an obligation) or keep (an agreement).

Madam Speaker, I think you’ll find that the DA MP was bang on the money. You are anything but honourable #MrPresident. We do not hold you with high respect. You don’t do what is morally right and you don’t keep a promise. Ever.

Another DA member bites the dust, this time Dan #Plato. Quite an exit this DA thing, hey? Who knew killing babies was not something even politicians can stomach. The only thing the #ANC did that was any good was to stand up against the tyranny of #Israel. And this was made clear at SONA. We were all on side except jumping #JohnSteenshuisen who said the speaker was cuckoo and demonstrated using his finger to make a circle at his head. Child. Punk. Madam Speaker asked what gesture he made and John insisted he was scratching his head. See? All liars! The Speaker said she was going to watch the video tapes and John was in for a bang on the ear. The next day he withdrew his comment and apologised. That’s not the point, you too have no honour, you lied to our faces. We saw you. Just like we see this charlatan of a President. #Tintswalo maybe broke but one thing #Tintswalo is, is streetwise.

There was one speech from the DA that infuriated me, to be fair it doesn’t take much for me to loathe the DA. Some oke got up and said that every bad thing that has happened in our country the #DAToldUsSO. Now that my friends is the DA in a nutshell, finger pointers and elitists. When’s the last time you saw them taking on a cause that wasn’t a legal battle with the ANC? Go on, I’ll wait. I can’t remember a solitary thing. And I bet you can’t either.

Across the provinces #IFP are making big strides, so is #MKParty. Do the voters know that #Zuma isn’t there? Well to be fair, when was he ever there? Speaking of being fair, when was the last time a President was present? It’s all a bit messy and there is a massive national strike on the cards, but we’ve been here before and a resilient South Africa will keep ploughing through the rhetoric to keep the country from grinding to a halt. You, me and #Tintswalo.

Let me cheer you up and leave SONA in the rear-view mirror where it belongs. Last week I told you that #Vodacom took #PleaseCallMe #Makate to #Concourt because they didn’t want to pay several million rands. Are you ready? This is so cool, and it made my week. Not only did #Concourt make mincemeat of #VodaGones case but it also awarded #Makate twenty-nine billion rand! YES, Oh my goodness YES! Our justice system works on the odd occasion.

There’s lots to get through so let me speed up: first and foremost, happy Val day, eyeroll. #BafanaBafana came home to a hero’s welcome, #Dricus complained that he didn’t get as many people at the airport. Then peanut butter tried to kill us. I love peanut butter, I shouldn’t but I do. So, there’s that and now there’s no more fishpaste on the shelves and … back to the news. The #SenzoTrial drones on and on and there is no end in sight. There was a farmer killed in #WhiteRiver. There was an assassination in Richard’s Bay, and the King of eSwatini has called a journalist a terrorist. A US citizen was stabbed in #GreenPoint. uShaka Marine World is on strike and fires swamp #KalkBay. Here’s another set of shameless characters #Busi #Madam #Mhkwebane liberated us of 49 million and now wants a further 10 million. Why? Well because. Like #AnojSingh, you may not remember this cat, but he was a #Gupta and #Zuma front man, and he wants his bail conditions relaxed so he can go to Dubai, true story! And then Germany is holding their third #Steinhoff case. There was a major theft at the Lotto, big surprise there. Nedbank warns Godongwane about a currency train crash but of course no one will listen. I bet the DA will stand up and say, “Told you so”.

My ink pot is almost dry and we haven’t even discussed #Rafah. After being told to evacuate from the north of Gaza to the South, #Palestinians are now cornered in the most densely populated place on earth, #Rafah. Again, they were told by #Israel to evacuate but there is nowhere to go. Surrounded by the sea and a border that is firmly closed, Israel is shooting fish in a barrel. It’s not even a genocide; it’s a slaughterhouse. The world imposes sanctions and expresses their horror, but no one stands up and says: “Hey, enough dead babies bodies blown to bits, get back in your lane Israel or face the consequences!”. Not one, only us. Our tiny struggling country is fighting hard to save these 600 000 children that are about to be massacred. All this mayhem while #GenocideJoe Biden sat absorbed in the #Superbowl, finding time to post a weird tweet with lasers coming out of his eyes. Don’t ask me china, I just work here and thank goodness I’m out. I have friends from varsity days coming to visit and they are insisting I snorkel. Snorkel? What is that, can you breathe under water with that? Wish me luck as I see the top side of the sea.

As a parting thought, this was a hard report to write, I’m a patriot after all, and an optimist, but one thing I can’t abide is a bare faced liar. #MrPresident get off my boat.


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