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#CovidElections #Level3 and other #ThingsIDontUnderstand

Date: 07.17.2024

Written By

Tonya Khoury

Welcome to the #covidElections everyone, yes that’s right, it’s #Elections2020 in SA at the moment, just turn on your telly or radio and you’ll find a bunch of politics and #thingsIdontUnderstand.

#MyFellowSouthAfricans, #RamaphosasAddress and #Level3 are at the core of this week’s study.  A timeous but exhausted President this week.  Many screamed at #Twitter for him to get to the point but most of us were watching a tired human trying to cope with the chaos around him, I can relate 100%.  When we finally heard the point we learnt that we are on the brink of #Level3, but we are waiting for the #NCC (read #NDZ to confirm – not my words – yours on social media).  I was wanting to be impressed but the announcement of #LevelWhatWhat didn’t encourage me until #MyPresident stepped into the room and took back a great deal of my patriotic heart (not all of it mind). The President #FessedUp he admitted to the communication from his desk being “unclear” he even called it “contradictory” and said, “some have been poorly explained and some have evoked a lot of anger and opposition”. That was the point where you got me back #Cyril. It takes courage to admit mistakes, but it takes leadership to fix them.  Apology accepted, now it is time to lead again Sir. Here is one simple solution, address issues raised on public platforms once a week without fail, same time each week.  Put some routine into the chaos please!  I know a media monitoring company that can help *winks!

As the address ended, #CovidElections begun.

#EFF lamented the address, saying it said nothing at all.  I think it was an “I’m Sorry” address Juju, we needed it. #Malema called for the immediate opening of #Parliament – so that they can walk out in disgust I suppose #covidElections

#MashabasParty is still on their high horse, but now announced they are officially in the #covidElection race, is it just him and #Mmusi in the party?  #JustChecking

Ah #Steenhuisen, #shutUpSteenhuisen #Steenhuisen had a meltdown on national TV that #Trump would have been proud of when the anchor asked #WhichSouthAfricans are you talking about in #Steenhuisen’s bid to take the #NCC to court over #TShirts?  The people who need Tshirts John, should be given to them by self-respecting political parties, isn’t that what politics does best?   What incenses me is when people waste my time, of course #Ecommerce and #curfews are top of the agenda for the government dude, don’t step into a ring where the fight is over and claim victory, what are you an American in WW2? Just #ShutUp and #DoSomething, we have always been asking for one thing from the DA, #DoSomething!  #FixKhayelitsha first.  400k South Africans want to shop for #wooliesChicken and 400k South Africans haven’t got proper water.  #DoSomething! Oh! wait you did #doSomething, you teamed up (unofficially of course) with #FFPlus to legally challenge the #Lockdown, just a stroke of genius for your brand. #ThingsIdontUnderstand

Ah and then there is our dear ruling party #ANC fighting through the politics with a rotten legacy that is being exposed at a more rapid rate than #covidInfections.  #Sisulu came out to say that she inherited a bankrupt department in Water and Sanitation and there has been R5bn in irregular expenditure.  139 officials found guilty and then an alien (who looked like #zuma) entered the room on #Zoom.  #RealityBytes

#Eskom cannot keep the lights on when we are not using electricity as 12 hour power cuts become the norm for many, #IDontUnderstand how, over the period of almost 50 days, they have not firstly fixed any maintenance issues we had and how there isn’t a massive stockpile in waiting.

And #EbrahimPatels #AliceInWonderland list was one of the most laughable things I’ve read all week and definitely one of those #ThingsIdontUnderstand, it’s like someone looked in their wardrobe and said, ok I need some closed shoes and a jacket that’s all I need so that’s all we’ll sell #WhatsHappening?

#SOEs are in chaos now that we might return to work, did they think we were going to stay home forever #ThingsIDontUnderstand

I asked this question on Twitter twice and got zero response, I work in about 12 Whatsapp groups and I asked the same question with zero response. So I’m asking here: “Has anyone received #R350 from #SASSA?” #ThingsIdontUnderstand

Our President lamented #GBV and our nonchalant attitude to the death of women and then #Cele said he’d lost control of #lockdown.  I hate to tell you Minister, we had lost control a long time before #Lockdown #thingsIDontUnderstand

Here’s one thing I really don’t understand at all!  Not even a clue! Not even an inkling of an idea.   #Level3, what does it mean?  Here are the things I scraped together and I’m in the media 24/7.  We may implement #ProvincialLevels, what is that?  Does that mean #CapeTown goes to the naughty corner while #Limpopo get to jive?  And does that mean that actually #CapeTown can’t buy booze or #TShirts but #FreeState is out in their kaakies and sandals?  I have so many questions.  Will #SodwanaBay be on #Level1?  We have zero infections and we are hungry; can we go back to work please?  Wait, the answer would be no for many reasons, one KZN has a massive infection rate as a province, you can’t compare Durban to Sodwana Bay at all!  And second, #Sodwana is a tourist destination so even if you do open up KZN to #Level1 (which you won’t) we still won’t be back at work.  In the meantime, 8800 children and adults are going hungry. #FeedRuralKZN is doing well by the way, there is a good news story to share I promise, and it has nothing to do with #CovidElections!  We simply can’t work on #ProvincialLevel and here’s another thing we can’t work on #TestingStatistics, what a flawed bunch of metrics those are.  Here’s something I do actually understand.  Lesson begins:  You can’t measure apples against oranges.  Testing numbers are not an accurate reflection of the #InfectionRates because you are using more test in certain places, you must work on percentages not numbers. Lesson Ends.

Another thing I hope I understood, #TobaccoWars are over, that means ciggies are back, please say I’m right, if I were a betting woman I would bet all I had that #BAT would never give up a fight for cash but they would save their bottom line – no I don’t mean smokers – fighting the ban in court only to get to court after the ban is lifted impacts on the bottom line.  I certainly hope I’m right as the personal conversations I have had with medical people, accountants, journalists and layman who are doing dangerous and illegal things to get nicotine are startling.  One person said it felt more dangerous than buying cocaine. Why would you do that to us?  These are upstanding good people that are forging papers, making illegal connections and taking huge risks by allowing strange people into their lives just to have a fag. #ThingsIdontUnderstand

And then we let 19000 “petty criminals” out of jail.  I really don’t understand this, let’s be fair to get into jail is hard enough in South Africa, I doubt it was that “petty” to make it all the way through our justice system and actually land up in jail, and now we are arresting the surfers to replace them?

And then the article on #Alcohol from #BusinessInsider says that we may be able to buy 120 cans of beer at a time?  We went from zero to PARTY!  #ThingsIdontUnderstand

One huge national treasure has emerged in this ridiculous time, #DrZweliMkhize, isn’t he just the bomb?  This guy though, he is always on point, always at the top of his game and a solid voice through a raging storm.  We adore him, well except for #SAMA, of course the SA #MedicalAssociation rejected Mkhize’s request to hospitalise all those that are #Covid19Positive.  Why guys?  #thingsIdontUnderstand.  Instead we will allow our #Nurses and #Police to test positive along with other #EssentialWorkers who are in dire need of #PPE.

Coming up #Mboweni will be tabling a special budget, I wonder if he will be using #WhenPeopleZol as his background track, you honestly can’t make this stuff up! #ThingsIdontUnderstand

#MadagascarPotion has been the focus of many, I still don’t understand why we don’t stop making a fuss and just drink the stuff that is growing in our backyards?  Does it have to come from Madagascar?

Oh, and while you were #coVidding, Facebook laid a sea cable across the continent Africa!  Yip the whole continent, over to you #ConspiracyTheorists


Ramaphosas Sentiment

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