Consulting services

Mobile & Software Solutions

Acumen partner with specialists that have a wealth of technical expertise, knowledge and experience having developed numerous software solutions, Mobile Applications and Websites, including; multi-million pound systems and solutions for leading corporate organizations, NGOs, Councils to solutions for small to medium enterprises. Our developers always have more than five years commercial programming experience and typically ten. They are generally programmatically multilingual and our teams cover MEAN Stack, Java, .Net, Php, Front-end JavaScript / Ajax, cocoa etc.

Using distributed communication and tracking technologies as well as online project management tracking software, you can keep in touch with our teams and on top of your project at all times. We have business improvement and efficiency teams that can augment an existing team to add quality processes, scalability and delivery capability. Our technical expertise is second to none, we are proud of our ability to create solutions for our clients’ business problems in the fastest and smartest way possible.

New Media Strategy & Execution

Decades ago we spoke of “New Media” and “convergence” of media space. The time has finally arrived and in partnership with Tom London, we have launched a strategy think tank that goes from zero to execution. Having successfully built ten magazine type programmes that are aired on Facebook backed by Radio Today, the result of building niched content on Facebook Live and other platforms are startling, the first striking element is the high levels of engagement, in some instances we are working on a six to one ratio. Although the initial numbers are small (1000 – 4000 people watch an average show) the involvement in the platform is sky high. This has resulted in mini-watering holes where people come to talk about what is important to them, find like-mined people, get advice and have a ton of fun.

Radio Today as a standalone platform has a relatively small listenership on its MW and DSTV transmission but as a Facebook page it has a reach of over 2 Million with an average of 1200 new additions per month, this speaks volumes about how media is changing. The niched shows are designed to bring existing and new audience members to one point where a sponsor or brand can capitalise on the engagement.

We don’t only work with Radio, the product stands on its own for any social media channel and with Tom’s twenty-five years experience in the Radio, TV, Video Production and Mobile Media sectors, the process becomes easy and fun. Tom is probably best know for his radio presenting on stations like Talk Radio 702 where his talk show was one of the most listened to and 567 Cape Talk where Tom was the most listened to presenter in the Cape Province.

His passion is how the mobile phone has transformed consumer behaviour, especially in media and how to be a disrupter. In 2018 Tom won the Liberty Radio Award for Best Breakfast Show – Community.

He spearheads his advances online with the cutting edge #DDH and #TheTomLondonShow Facebook live shows.

We don’t sell advertising, we sell strategy and content, it is new media afterall.

Consultancy & data interpretation

Data is meaningless unless it is interpreted accurately.

Acumen Media’s Army of experts takes the data and assists with strategic decision making across all media.

The consulting services are designed to uplift and amplify strategy in all its forms