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#AntiVaxxers and #Scamandla

Date: 05.26.2024

Written By

Tonya Khoury

Is it just me or is the nation suffering from #PTSD and #BurnOut?  I watched the news like a robot, very little emotion and even less interest.  Mmmh hang on, this was when the #AntiVaxxers lined up outside #GrooteSchuur.  Let’s see if these guys have a point, perhaps I’ve been microchipped and turned into a #TeslaBot.

Here’s the audio visual report:

They lined up, one Karen after another shouting about #BillGates and the #microchip.  One of these demonstrators was #KoutharDavids.  She seems to suffer from memory loss because only a few months ago she documented her #CovidJourney, yet this week she is on tape saying she doesn’t believe Covid exists.  I never wanted to go there but when a story like this presents itself it’s hard not to. A word with the #AntiVaxxers please.  How on earth can you say that Covid doesn’t exist when most of us have fallen ill to it and many of our nearest and dearest have died.  How dare you, you are insulting our intelligence and trampling on our graves!  That’s the first thing!  Secondly … as for the #illuminati wanting to microchip us, I think we need to address this.  A simple walkthrough should do it.  Let’s assume that you are right and the vaccine acts as a microchip – and then?  Do we get served more relevant ads when Facebook or Microsoft (or whoever you believe is behind this hoax) gets the world chipped? Is that even necessary? The algorithms are already doing a pretty good job figuring out what we do and don’t like.  Did I miss it? Some are saying that it’s a depopulation drive.  If that is the case then why are there so many… if not all vaccinated people that are still alive?  So that’s not working too well is it?  Listen, South Africa can’t manage to fix a pothole, yet you believe that they are going to coordinate and complete an effective mind control.  Just look around you: Politicians are on a merry-go-round trying to avoid axing, never mind the rollercoaster of step-asides and assassinations.  Look beyond SA, look at the UK and the USA.  Boris Johnson and Biden couldn’t organize an effective exit from a war that they were losing, how on earth are they going to coordinate a planet?  To date the UK have over 30k infections a day.  They have a lack of a skilled workforce because of #Brexit and you expect honestly Boris to control 7 Billion people?    Get out of here! He can’t even comb his own hair and Biden doesn’t know who he is when he looks in the mirror.  Take the vaccine, not that it will definitely work, but because it might work and right now we are swimming upstream.  As if to prove my point the youth (18 to 35) came out in their millions to get the jab.  If anyone is aware of what’s going on in this planet it’s these guys.  Social Media and misinformation doesn’t allow the youth to sleep and even they think it’s a good idea.  #KoutharDavis get in line or very soon you won’t be able to line up for anything.  Vaccine passports or passes are a looming reality and #vaccineHesitancy is just slowing us down. We will exclude you.  We heard about the suggested “no vaccine no booze” drive and thought “what level of stupidity is this?”  I mean really it’s like telling teenagers they need an ID card to get booze. That works hey?  Are you listening Kouthar?  These are the type of rules we are considering.  #Limpopo started a campaign saying #NoVax #NoDating and I’m sure that will work just as well as the quest to quell teenage pregnancy and the spread of HIV.  Still there #Kouthar? We’re not the only country plagued by naysayers.  In Australia they are offering $150 for you to have the vaccine, now that might work in SA except the vaccine recipient knows that they might only see that money in about eight months and based on the fact that 70% of our youth are unemployed, I’m going to say even that won’t work in SA.

The unemployment statistics read that 7 out of 10 of our educated youth are not gaining any workplace experience at all and cannot feed themselves.  What are we doing here? Building a nation of starvation? In total 34% of the country haven’t got jobs. That means one in every three that are eligible for work simply cannot be accommodated.  Poverty creates desperation; desperation creates desperados.  Here’s a hot mess waiting to unfold.  Then the #CrimeStats came out and guess what, there was no significant drop even though we’ve been locked down for over 500 days.  #GBV takes the first prize as always.

This week the media focused on the horrendous murder of #Nosicelo a #MurderMostFoul. Why do our men abuse our women with such a degree of hate.  Does this happen anywhere else in the world?  The hatred is so inconceivable.  #Thego, the woman that was  stabbed in her pregnant belly and hanged from a tree was devasting and now this #Nosicelo’s body was chopped up and put into suitcases.  What drives this?  We are experiencing pandemic, we are in lockdown, you’d think there would be some positive impact on crime by barricading a nation.  Well we were wrong, if anything, it has exasperated the #GBV stats to such a level that we are the proud owners of the first prize in GBV stats across the world.  A badge our country seems to be quite blasé about wearing.  Over 50k women reported GBV in a year, that’s about as many women that died from Covid. This is a pandemic that has beset our country for decades.  When will women rise up and say “enough”, when will we see the rocks that are our women say “no more”.  Men aren’t going to do it for us ladies.  When will we see the government take it seriously? I remember (years ago) a woman baring her naked body to the President, revealing her scars from abuse and begging him to help her, yet here we are today on record as being a country where women are most hated and abused.

Talking about women and the task to protect us; my personal worst #BathabileDlamini was finally charged with perjury. This news broke on the 24th August and on the 25th August she contracted Covid.  This bunch don’t even try to make their rubbish plausible.  It is so contrived, it’s a defunct American soap opera that would only be aired on SABC1 and even then only for one season.  Can someone call the police to check on that #CovidTest, and while they’re there, can they get that health report on #Ubaba?

Talking about #Msholozi:  I laughed, a real belly laugh, when I saw the post (that I thought was a hoax),  #ubaba is asking the nation to donate to his legal fees.  He’s opened a #Capitec account for your donations.  That’s the bit that tickled me.  We all know that #JZ has eleventeen bank accounts and #Capitec was never one of them.  I have so many questions:  Jacob, did you ask #Duduzane for help, he has yachts in Dubai and rolls around in private jets.  Did you ask #Dali for a discount?  I mean really, he’s defending all the ANC cronies and surely there’s a bulk discount for that level of work?  Did you call Atul or AJay?  Surely they owe you buddy! You’ve said many times it was the #guptas, so call Dubai (what happened to that extradition treaty by the way?).  Jacob, please don’t insult us by even looking our way for a donation, are you quite mad?  Sowhy do you need legal representation anyway, I thought you said it was a “detention without trial” so surely the state can handle that bit?  That will be the reason why you are still in hospital with your yet undisclosed illness of the #Shaiks and you have the cheek to ask us to pay more?  And you use #Capitec?  Do you really think we buy that?  I shook my head so hard I got a headache.

Speaking of Dali, #Mpofu accused the High Court Judges of bias against #Magashule.  Roughly the same time that the #EFFPresser told us that Judges need to earn our respect and they are not above us.  The old Julius came out spitting venom.  He said there is no lockdown for the EFF and that they are campaigning hard.  For what Julius? Not one seat in the by-election CIC. Just come out and say it: you, #Floyd and #Dali will be joining #Zuma just like your legal counsel has joined forces with #AceMagashule.  Incredible what people will do for money hey?

Then this story broke; #BabitaDeokaran was gunned down outside her home, in what can only be described as an assassination.   She was a key witness in the PPE Tender fraud debacle and her final chilling words to the #kathradaFoundation was that not all those in Health are corrupt in fact, some are trying to fight against the corruption but in her words: ” you see how they are dealing with us”.  We do see you #Deokaran, may your good work continue through others and may justice prevail.

In other news #FeesMustFall #Khanyile was seen in the dock this week as one earmarked as an instigator of the insurrection.  David Mabuza has been raised from the Russian rendezvous.  #Mokgoro resigned and the big one, #JudgeHlope, faces impeachment for his shuffling of cards during Zuma’s reign. Of course, #BhekiCele congratulated #SAPS for a job well done during the unrest and then was promptly exposed without a mask at a birthday bash.  There was also a #MeteorShower over Pretoria.  The #ANCStaff have not been paid for ages and are on strike.  What does that even mean? The looters can’t pay the looters?  #Scamandla!

The “planned” unrest in Durban was postponed, largely because they sent a press release saying they were going to do it.  I mean if we hadn’t stopped that one, I think I may have stayed under water permanently. Steyn City gets a helistop for the pesky traffic on Kyalami Corner.  And then just as you felt like you couldn’t put another foot forward, #Nandos came to the rescue. #Scamandla is a creative work of pure genius, if you haven’t seen it and all the spin offs, here it is to enjoy.  Thank you Nandos for always making the untenable situation look manageable to ordinary South Africans and for feeding us against the #RandDempic

That’s more than the government did for our army who have been waiting for over two weeks for their daily food allowance.

Across the waters, the Paralymics opened, Kanye became just “Ye” and 2021 killed the Stones. The death of Charlie Watts is a great warning for us: If the Stones go, we all go.

See something beautiful this weekend, I beg of you, remember the beauty of this fine country and its extraordinary people who are above politics and are still filled with tenacity in their political fatigue.

Antivaxxers and Scamandla

Parting thought brought to you by Grid Worldwide

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