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#AcumenWRap – A Short Story  

Date: 04.14.2024

Written By

Tonya Khoury

#ScratchTheSurface is still here, and in order to keep your cheer

We’ve come up with something new, as you know that’s what we do! It’s called the #AcumenWrap, and it’s to stop my lengthy mails giving you a heart attack

Don’t worry because now we’ve covered another base on how to generate the news you can’t face.

Let’s start across the waters as I suppose we ought to;

The Queen is Dead, (wonder what the Smiths think now). Long live the King? We now give Charles the bow

Back here at home, I can hear you groan 😊

Cellphone confiscation results in deputy principal’s car being set alight, Eskom implements Stage 2 loadshedding throughout the day and night.

Madam Busisiwe’s legal fees are over 140 million, I’m sure her love for uBaba cost us well into a few trillion

Senzo Meyiwa trial reveals withholding second docket, The Judge lost his personality and blew up like a rocket.

Tembisa hospital spent 10K on a bucket, Whistleblower Deokoran was gunned down for this by some shady puppet,

Ex-Hawks officer sentenced to 17 years for stealing police firearms, Justin Bieber cancels SA tour resulting in many fans up in arms,

Putco “Wildcat Strike” sees dismissal of 105 employees, Still no one is talking about the coup de tat where the country is under siege

Free State Hospital’s absence of blankets sees patients embracing the cold, Malema gun case postponed…this is getting old,

Good news to end, David Makhura’s being fired so no need for that worry. The Judge refused to postpone the Life Esidimeni tragedy

With fuel prices reduced we can hope for better times ahead, I’ll leave you to your Friday where you earn your daily bread. Tell us if you think this is bold and gold, or am I just getting old?

That’s a wrap, an #AcumenwRAP

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