#TwoWeeks into #LockDown – #StAugustines & #Shoshanguve take the Spotlight

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April 8, 2020
“I ask you to endure even longer“ President #CyrilRamaphosa announces a #LockdownExtension
April 10, 2020

#TwoWeeks into #LockDown – #StAugustines & #Shoshanguve take the Spotlight

Welcome to #Day14 of #Lockdown, we made it to the #TwoWeek mark and how our world has changed ne?  I say changed but there are some things that stay the same.  Yesterday the #EFF and laid #CriminalCharges against #StellaAbrahams, must say I agree with them, but have we got time for this?  #FocusOnTheBall everyone.

#Netcare is in trouble for allegedly not acting fast enough in the #StAugustinesHospital #CoVidOutbreak.  Those people must be so scared, listening to #Friedland talk about green, orange and red zones for patients, is enough to make anyone nervous.  I have to keep reminding myself to breath and I’m sure I’m not alone.

Bizarrely we saw schools torched and looted in #Shoshanguve overnight, I don’t get this one – what on earth is the benefit of torching a school during this time, those buildings can be used to house those who need it during this time?  Am I oversimplifying?

#CovidTesting continues to roll out across the country and the #Prisoners became part of the process.  This virus has one thing going for it, #ZeroDiscrimination.  It doesn’t care if you are good or bad, obeyed the law or not – that is the reality.

#EasterWeekend starts tomorrow and for majority of South Africa this is a very special celebration.  SAPS have come out to say there will be no contravention of the #LockDownRegulations over the long weekend and people are to stay at home.

The big story ready to explode is #LockdownExtension.  South Africa is tense as we brace ourselves for the verdict from our President.  Most are pessimistic, are we expecting everything to have calmed down in another 7 days?  I’m going to be realistic here, the answer is No, the question is though, how do we sustain our economy for a longer period.  Our President has some tough choices to make, he has a great deal of balanced and neutral reporting at the moment with peaks of pure positivity.  #DoTheRightThing, our prayers are with you!

There is much to feel good about if you look for it.  There have been various relief funds pushed out at the speed of light and ordinary community members are doing exceptional work out of thin air.  We learnt of #BlanketsForTheHomeless, which is great, unfortunately the #homelessShelters are heart wrenching.   Worrying and reassuring is that the #UIF is paying out 30m per day!

Premier #AlanWinde took the test in the Cape, I had to remember he was Premier to be fair, did they turn the #Water back on?

Trump threatened WHO in another slap at the #TradeWar.  Syria (they say) launched a chemical attack, yip you missed that and yes there were children.  Oh and then there was the super / pink moon, whatever!  #NeedABreak, take the #LongWeekend, I am! #StayHome #BeGladYouHaveOne