Feed Rural KZN



A local citizens' movement to feed the hungry during #LockDownSA.
Please donate using the banking details below,
or contact us if you can assist with Food Supply

Account Details:
Bank: FNB
Account number: 62835246209
Account name: Tonya Khoury PTY LTD
SWIFT (International): FIRNZAJJXXX
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ThisisacumenNovember 21, 2020 at 7:30pm
"Life will never be the same.. I'll be on #mansNotBarryRoux stories all day... I suppose its for monetization but really guys, did the Gram have to be your template? And why is this making me so angry. I feel like all the social sacred spaces have been turned into the app I use the least. I honestly feel violated. Especially by independents ...
et tu Twitter? "

Tonya's take on #Stories being featured in all social media mainstream apps.
ThisisacumenNovember 19, 2020 at 6:32pm

An Acumen Media Report by Tonya Khoury

What did I just watch? That was the comment on my lips each time I turned on the news. Is this April fools in advance or just more 2020 madness?

How dare you? How very dare you Jacob Zuma? You arrogant, unaccountable, law breaking criminal. How dare you? Your impunity and ego are the very reason why we must insist as a country that the buck literally stops here. If we have to shut down the entire country – so be it. #EnoughIsEnough. Every single person, crook or not has sat in that chair and been examined by the #StateCapture Commission’s team, even your bae #DuduMyeni, yet YOU, you who left our country empty, dry and devastated, stood and turned your back and walked out on DCJ #RaymondZondo and the whole country.

READ MORE http://acumenmedia.net/what-did-i-just-watch/

READ MORE: http://acumenmedia.net/what-did-i-just-watch/
ThisisacumenNovember 16, 2020 at 2:52am

Proud to be called "leaders" in our field. Talkwalker

Stats are worthless without interpretation
ThisisacumenNovember 12, 2020 at 6:16pm
#Brackenfell – Another Day Another Racism Story
An Acumen Media Report – 7 Days 13th November 2020

You thought 2020 was done, hold my beer said #Brakenfell! From what I’ve read it appears that there was no matric farewell unless you include the “private” matric party where 42 white pupils attended and two white teachers. That is where it started, and that’s where the #EFF entered the room. One glaring omission from this debacle was SAPS. The streets outside the school turned into a brawl because of systemic racism, when are we going to address the problem itself South Africa? We cannot have these stories every second month and not see the big picture. Racism is so ingrained in our society that it must be “unlearned”. Something that is not going to happen with a baseball bat being used on a woman. Media broke that #Brackenfell have had a litany of stories over the past year and students made it clear that this was not the first time they found themselves excluded or belittled. If you buy the EFF version of events they were actually just delivering a memorandum and if you buy the parents’ version they were there to protect their kids. Both valid, but the end result was that a set of school children were thrust into the middle of a racial mess during exam time. That bit is unacceptable. Madonsela nailed it when she said that children should not be used as “political footballs”. The Western Cape has a great deal to answer for if all these allegations at #Brackenfell are true. The DA called the EFF “Nazis” in response, wasn’t that helpful? If you think racism isn’t systemic, please follow the case of Kganyago vs Lungisa, here Lungisa is being sued for 500k for using the K word on a fellow black man. When will this end? Only when we address it. The Kathrada Foundation has been banging on for years about how this should be addressed from the ground up, when will we listen?

Read More http://acumenmedia.net/brackenfell-another-day-another-racism-story/


November 19, 2020 at 8:07pm
Nice to see a reputable publication carry our weekly stats even though @ThisIsTonya is a bit vocal for some. https://t.co/UxnSWbYTkd
November 19, 2020 at 3:59pm
What a week? Did you keep up. Here's a wrap of the media with @ThisIsTonya https://t.co/UtbkLjDDMh
November 6, 2020 at 8:54pm
#JohnVuligate and how to make vetkoek takes over #ZondoCommission

What a week. Thank you to @MediaTMO for being brave enough to carry my narrative ;) https://t.co/FVqN0UE3YD

Who We Are?

We started this project as a group of locals that were very concerned about the impact of CoVid 19 on the very rural parts of our country.  Some have come and gone along the journey but the following people are currently working on #FeedRuralKZN:

Lungisani Thebe Nxumalo
A community development worker in Ward 5 Cogta, Deputy Chairperson of Lake Sibaya Conservation and Development Trust, member of Mabasa Traditional Council Authority with Tribal Council. Local citizen

Naeem Kharwa
Local Business Representative: Newcastle Distribution (PTY) LTD 2017/159358/07 T/A Devland Cash and Carry.  We call him Salmaan and he would prefer not to have any publicity. Local citizen

Tonya Khoury
Entrepreneur and business owner of Tonya Khoury PTY LTD 2019/5468/78 T/A Acumen Media.  Local citizen

Where are we?

Many would recognise the name Sodwana Bay, a tourist destination for diving and fishing part of iSimangaliso Game Reserve.  The closest town is called Mbazwana and is 10km from Sodwana.  Mbazana is also a service point for Lake Sibaya and the surround areas of Mbazwana.  Ward numbers  2,3,5 and 7 of Umhlabuyalingana Municipality

What is the problem at large?

We are trying to feed a large community in a rural area that was supported by social grants in the past.  These people were hungry before lockdown.  Most don’t work but those that do work, are crafters who make tourist gifts like baskets and carvings, wash cars etc. there is no tourism now and those that lived hand to mouth no longer are able to eat. (Not that they were really eating before to be fair).  There are many generations living under one roof and close proximity is mandatory. Limited access to social media so only small amount of education has passed on about the preventative measures.   There is no money for soap, let alone an education mechanism to teach people what to do. 

What have we done so far?

We have received permissions with the kind help of Rudi Hillermann (Senior Manager, KZN Dept of Co-operative Governance & Trad Affairs) after seeing he saw a social media post.  The assistance came from   Themba Mlambi Special Projects Kzn.  We have successfully achieved the following:

  • Government, Police and the Tribal Council have agreed to allocate venues for packing and storage that are both secure and CoVid19 Friendly
  • We have the volunteers for packing
  • We have police security to man the packing stations and keep people from a health risk
  • The spaces allocated can accommodate packaging of 10 000 units.
  • Each unit (or Combo) contains the following:
    • 10kg maize
    • 10kg rice
    • 10kg Samp
    • 400g Soup
    • 750ml Oil
    • 70g Spice
    • 1 Pack of Soap

The above combination should feed a family of a minimum of four for three weeks, maybe more.

  • Logistics are arranged by the local police under the guidance of the Commander in Chief.  Delivery will be done door to door rather than at one point to keep health risk to a minimum.
  • We have put our goods on standby order awaiting funding
  • We have been given authority to operate as “Special Services” in conjunction with the Police and the Tribe
  • We have a social media campaign running that was boosted by radio and television broadcast (specifically ENCA prime time).  We have 180 journalists that may be interested in carrying a good news story for a change!
  • Currently all donations are being made to Tonya Khoury’s company account this is being managed by a bookkeeper and reconciled daily.  To date we have collectively managed to get out at least 100 additional packs at the time of writing, however it is very important that we scale up this operation quickly, there are at least 10,000 people living here (conservative).  They were hungry before lockdown.
  • We have a database of phone numbers and ID numbers amounting to over 1200 people that have already asked for food that we cannot help. So we can vet these instantly
  • We have 22 staff members in Johannesburg donated to help field calls and Whatsapp
  • We have a current Database with approximately 1200 people

What do we need?

We urgently need payment for Food or a paid supply of food,  we have got food orders on standby.  We have got a quote to make 10,000 “Combos” at a price of R1,800,000 that can be delivered tomorrow if we have payment.  We don’t even need that much money, anything you can give us we will put to good use.  We have got a base price of R200 a unit but in bulk R180 will cover each unit.

We need educational videos or flyers to teach people about social distancing and hygiene IN ISIZULU, we tried and it is in the Annexures

We need water tankers to the four wards

We need WIFI hotspots in each ward to assist with keeping people informed and to relieve the boredom and possible breaking of the law.

If you have food or these resourced as an organisation, can be arranged to one central point in Mbazwana (two and half hours drive from Richards Bay / Four Hours from Durban) then we have no need for cash, we are all willing to get involved locally.