#FacebookChallenge vs #HungryBeforeLockdown

#ProfessorKarim is better than #DrFauci according to Social Media over 24hrs
April 14, 2020
#DeathToll Rises and #InfectionRates rocket as SA steps into the #WarZone again!
April 17, 2020

#FacebookChallenge vs #HungryBeforeLockdown

A patriotic and compliant country is starting to show signs of uprising.  Many big issues were highlighted in the past 24hrs, using Acumen Media technology.

#FoodParcels didn’t arrive (or those that did arrive were insufficient in number) in #Alexandra and #MitchellsPlain.  Chaos broke out as desperate and hungry people revolted and clashed with local authorities.  The thought of mothers being unable to feed their children are just too horrific to muster.  #Sebokeng is without water as residents are in a state of panic and fear.  #MrPresident we need to move faster, most were #HungryBeforeLockdown.

The #SANDF came under fire for the death of an #Alexandra resident that allegedly was subject to brute force.  #Sandu are investigating, man this is a difficult report to write, stay strong my Country!

#GenderBasedViolence has risen over the past #Lockdown period and we are now seeing the horrors of #domesticAbuse.

These were #ProblemsBeforeLockdown and I lament at the loss of time to fix these issues over the past 50 years at least!

Get this, there’s a petition going around #signThePetitionSA.  The petition is to lift the alcohol restrictions in South Africa.  Here’s what’s fascinating, almost all the posts related to this on Twitter had a message of zero support for this petition or downright anger that it was doing its rounds.  Social Media made it clear yesterday, they will #NOTSignThePetitionSA. I even saw posts from a brewery that said #Tsek.

#MassProduction of #Ventilators has started in SA, that’s good news.  There’s also the fact that #Science has entered the room in our communications from #Government and it is well received.  Finally, succinct, direct communication of the facts behind the movements of our Government bodies are taking, so reassuring.  Seeing the plan translate into action has made it easier for many South Africans to accept this huge responsibility we each have.   #SARB cuts 100 basis points which will help many, thank you for that.

#PravinGordhan says no more cash for defunct #SAA, no outrage here, just a bunch of praise.

12 staff at #MediclinicMorningside test positive for #Covid19, 100 potential risk persons contacted. (#HoldYourBreath)

#KennethMeshoe says after 21 days he has no symptoms and is undergoing a new test.  Could the test have been faulty?

Through all this, my timeline is filled with people drinking raw eggs and alcohol – what is wrong with you guys?  Can you take those eggs and give them to someone who is not able to feed their children?  That’s a challenge for you!  Focus #LeafySuburbs!

Oh and a word on #McDonaldsChina – WT?  They banned black people coming into their restaurant. I can’t. I really can’t.

Stay positive and stay home!